Solutionary Thinking

Solutionary Thinking


Online shopping continues to grow, fueled by Millennial shoppers who will spend $1.4 trillion by 2020, much of it using their mobile devices.  Considering that on an average day UPS delivers 15.8 million packages and FedEx 3.4 million packages here in the U.S.,  it's not surprising that 23 million of those packages were stolen from porches in 2015, with the 2017 figures expected to be over 35 million thefts of packages here in the U.S.*  Yurdor delivers online purchases without regard for which online merchant made the sale.  

 In-Store Package Pick Up Centers   safe, convenient and guaranteed package deliveries 

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have had an online purchase lost or stolen right from your own front porch, you know the frustration, time, tracking and loss that comes with the problem.  All of the convenience, time and savings of online shopping can go up in smoke when one or more packages are stolen from you.

In-Store Package Pick Up at a nearby location, usually on your way home, is one solution that is guaranteed to work every time you order online and want or need the package for sure!

Use our mobile app to track your package and hit the in-range button when within proximity...we'll have your package ready and waiting for you.  It's that easy!

In-Lot Package Pick Up Huts       pull up and pick up your online purchases from your vehicle

Our goal is to have a package pickup center within a 10 minute drive for most Americans.  Most locations will be on your drive to or from work, and are located in brightly lit; secure and active retail shopping location parking lots.  You no longer need to drive miles and then into an unfamiliar warehouse district to retrieve your undelivered packages simply because you didn't want to bother a neighbor to take the package, or that you live in a urban location that simply doesn't offer you a safer place to hide the package.  Now, just like with in-store pick up, you can use our app to let us know when you are in range of our drive up pick up hut that's nearest to your home.  Easy in, easy out, and worth a couple of extra miles and minutes to safe you the headache of theft.  

Neighborhood Fulfillment Centers  neighborhood teamed-delivery, pick-up & delivery centers     

Our structures are designed for placement directly on site at America's largest retail locations.  Doors at both ends allow shipping companies to drop full loads of packages requiring delivery to nearby neighborhood residences.  Our staff, using SPACE, a software solution to pack in modules outside of vehicles, means every package is staged based on the pre-determined route designed expressly for the drivers benefit.

Our smallest structures have 2,600 square feet and over 10,000 cubic feet of package storage that can be expanded both by length and width to grow with the demands of each location.  

Last Mile Home Delivery           when picking up at one of our locations is not possible...

Our home delivery solution includes the use of the new Jeep Compass, a vehicle safe for all weather conditions and loaded with new technology to optimize driver routing.  Safety cameras within the vehicle also will help insure fewer accidents while in use.  Each Jeep is designed to accept SPACE modules, which are caged package containment units that keep packages secure, organized, and exactly where needed for each delivery...right down to which door is accessed for the package depending on the side of the street or other considerations of the delivery address recipient.

              Look for us in a neighborhood near you in 2018...Preview Us Now!