Solutionary Thinking

Solutionary Thinking

VMI 17 / Our focus 2017


New partnerships now provide the opportunity to bring the parts inventory management into a new era of third party management, that will bring down costs; reduce redundancy in inventory;  use coding to mark products and packages for immediate connection to warranty, build date, recalls and installation videos...all with a scan from a mobile device. Software to manage all phases of DigiSku are proven, expandable, browser based and cost effective.  Our research shows that at the very minimum, DigiSku will add an average of five additional repair orders per day at participating dealerships...generating an additional $1250 in revenue daily while costing under $100 dollar per day to use the DigiSku Solutionary Software, and all equipment required to implement DigiSku within dealerships. 
VMI spent six months within a working dealership in 2015 for the sole purpose of finding out why accessories are not being sold at new car dealerships, and what could be done to change the thinking.  Upon completing our research we gathered together and stated the facts...nothing can be done to change the negative view dealership sales managers have about accessories.  VMI finds it baffling, since automotive accessories drive a $30 billion dollar annual payday that puts 90% of that total in the hands of businesses outside of new car dealerships who get just 10% of the business, although they have the first shot of selling accessories to their customers.  We tried, we failed at new car dealerships, but now have created a solution that is the best of all worlds, since it allows companies outside of new car dealerships to sell and install the accessories, while insuring that the original dealership, selling the Millennial their first vehicle,  locks in their loyalty for years of future vehicle needs.  FLO manages the details.


VMI test marketed the UFDA concept from 2014-2016 to see what type of response we would get from small companies seeking a central source where they could get expert help from an existing team of professionals .  UFDA was a success, and the message was clear...yes, we want help, but could you add other services such as sales training; legal assistance to set up corporate documents, and software to help run their companies.  Best of all, there is rarely the need for a face to face meeting, it's all done via Skype.  And our prices are affordable and set in stone, upfront, since far too often, small business owners are targets for unscrupulous individuals preying on people who have great skills, but not in the digital arena so important to starting, running, and marketing businesses of all types today.  This is a giving back program from VMI, where mentorship is good for business.


We are unable to go into the details of Yurdor, but in general, it is a solution that will drive ongoing store traffic, driving in shoppers who may not be current customers at the retailers involved.   Yurdor was created to solve the problem of Porch Pirates, but has morphed into so much more...

VMI has focused a great deal of time and effort on the Millennial generation feeling that by knowing more about them would help drive our business solutions now and in the future. Clearly, mobile devices are a key part of Millennial shopping and buying, and 63% of Millennial shoppers use their mobile devices to make online purchases.  Our task was to discover how mobile devices can lead to more sales, not just online, but also within brick and mortar retail locations.  

We discovered that they want the in-store experience to mirror online, called cross-channel experience.  The Millennial in-store shoppers want personalized interactions targeted at them, which can be accomplished with connected shopping....encouraging mobile device use within retailers.  They want integrated merchandising, so that the products on display can be explained, compared, rated and price checked right there at the merchandising display.  But, they want things changed up, by having options on fulfillment, choosing when to pick up, where to ship, even group buying, so that the cooperative / cumulative sales reflect lower costs for all purchasing the same item, and taking delivery at the same store. Think Kayaks, stand up paddle boards, large ski/snowboard carriers, and other seasonal items not requiring immediate delivery. 

Wib connects the dots, and integrates NTC, near target communication, so Millennials and other shoppers, opted in to receive the data sent out from the tag on the product, can view product videos, testimonials, competitive pricing, special offers and more.  If the retailer chooses, the products having a Wib code can also be purchased right there with a mobile phone, and can be picked up at a special check out counter near the store exit.