Solutionary Thinking

Solutionary Thinking

Project M2

VMI believes  the single best thing any company can do right now, today, is to take the time to really understand the Millennial Market. Frankly, if you did nothing more than market to this young, well educated, highly paid group of American''d do very well, and considering that by 2020 they will spend $1.4 trillion dollars annually, our suggestion is for anyone, who sells anything, to figure out what they want; how they shop; what they buy & why. We have...

Project M2, Millennial Momentum was created to do just that...tap into the massive buying power of the Millennial Shoppers by knowing more about them.  VMI has spent over a year doing research, reading, meeting with and discovering this young group in their 20's and 30's, who during their working lives will make more and spend more than any generation in the history of the world.  VMI has already created two proprietary programs targeted directly at Millennials.  

The automotive industry is holding its annual Detroit Auto Show in January, 2017.  Has anyone seen their solution to get Millennials buying cars?  Right, a low slung, autonomous vehicle, with every techy gadget that can be loaded into the very futuristic looking ride. That's the thinking that has kept Millennial sales down by 30% below projections.   VMI found that over half of all Millennials (48M) participate in outdoor sports that require them to haul their gear with a vehicle.  

     *FLO requires enrollment of participating dealers willing to pay a small fee for racks that generate new sales and leases year after year. Contact VMI for details.