Solutionary Thinking

Solutionary Thinking

Project M2

VMI believes  the single best thing any company can do right now, today, is to take the time to really understand the Millennial Market. Frankly, if you did nothing more than market to this young, well educated, highly paid group of American''d do very well, and considering that by 2020 they will spend $1.4 trillion dollars annually, our suggestion is for anyone, who sells anything, to figure out what they want; how they shop; what they buy & why. We have...

Project M2, Millennial Momentum was created to do just that...tap into the massive buying power of the Millennial Shoppers by knowing more about them.  VMI has spent over a year doing research, reading, meeting with and discovering this young group in their 20's and 30's, who during their working lives will make more and spend more than any generation in the history of the world.  VMI has already created two proprietary programs targeted directly at Millennials.  

The Millennial shoppers have money, and they don't mine spending it on brand names; higher quality and more expensive items that fit the needs of their particular lifestyles.  They prefer to avoid the high costs of big houses and fancy cars, and 54% now choose to live in urban environments where Uber and other ride sharing companies provide their transportation need.  Combined, the lower cost of housing and transportation means even more disposable income for spending on the things they see as being more important.

VMI has designed an in-store merchandising solution that allows Millennials to view the high end products they want in a retail environment and then to purchase the product using their mobile devices...right then and there.   Best of all Yurdor not only operates the program in the retail store, but also maintains a small inventory of each of the recommended featured items (25 -50).  It is "showrooming" at its finest.  See it; learn about it; buy it; and pick it up there.